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Privacy Policy

General notes

The general privacy policy of the EcoSmart Filter project is to avoid collecting more data than is required for the extensions and the website to function correctly. The data gathered is anonymized, if possible, and removed when no longer required. It is never shared with any third parties. This policy lists the data that is collected and the processing applied to it.

Website logs

All requests to the website are recorded in the website logs. Data stored includes your IP address, the time at which the request was made, the web address accessed, the browser identifier and the referring page. This data is used to generate usage statistics as well as to investigate potential security issues. Detailed logs are retained for a period of 14 days, after which only the aggregated usage statistics remain.

Content logs

All websites opened by users are monitored and analyzed with the purpose to deliver the content without advertisements. No content is being modified during this process and no personal information is collected or shared. All related logs are automatically removed from the servers after 14 days.

Uninstallation page feedback

After uninstalling EcoSmart Filter, you may be directed to a webpage that asks for your feedback. The webpage stores some application and platform related data anonymously. If you decide to submit feedback, we will also store it anonymously.

Email collection

Some of our webpages host product campaigns that rely on email collection. We do not use third parties to manage these campaigns. Instead, data that you submit is handled in-house (i.e. turned into an email or used to send the email). Further, we do not store your email address unless it’s specifically required to execute the related campaign.


Several areas of the EcoSmart Filter website use cookies to recognize signed in users or to store settings. Cookies are not evaluated in any other manner and are never used to track website visitors.