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Energy-saving browsing with no ads

Help our planet be more healthy by reducing energy consumption and save your time by automatically removing advertisements from being downloaded to your computer.

  • Annoying Ads
  • Hidden Tracking
  • Overhead
  • Energy-wasting
  • Faster browsing

  • Energy saving
  • Less CO2 emissions*
EcoSmart Filter available on desktop only via Chrome –
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Join the green movement for a better living!

Add the extension to prevent ads from being downloading to your computer

Reduce internet traffic and CPU usage with no ads downloaded

Get up to 30% less your computer power consumption on web surfing and save nature resources

EcoSmart Filter – Key Features:

  • Energy Efficient

    Remove all ads from your browser and reduce energy consumption up to 30%

  • No YouTube Video Ads

    EcoSmart Filter removes YouTube video ads before you even see them. Just press Play.

  • Use Less Traffic

    EcoSmart Filter reduces the amount of traffic consumed to load web pages, especially with video and .gif ads.

  • Save On Bills

    Reducing power usage is a great chance to save money on your electricity bills.

  • Privacy Is Paramount

    EcoSmart Filter requires no personal information to run and doesn't track your browsing.

  • No Spoiled Layouts

    EcoSmart Filter does not spoil the layout of a website, it keeps the same look and usability.

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Block all ads

Stop wasting your time on ads waiting for videos on YouTube and similar sites

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On average, people who watch videos online spend up to 1 hour per month on waiting for video ads to play before getting the desired content. EcoSmart Filter blocks all in-video ads and provides an immediate access to the content you want.

Remove ads on YouTube

Prevent advertisement from being downloaded to your computer with EcoSmart Filter

With EcoSmart Filter websites look great and use less traffic and CPU load time

Energy-efficient ad blocking

For years, digital marketers have been loading more and more trash onto their Web pages and thence into users’ browsers. Every click, every search request, every video view costs energy. But why we need to waste energy on ads? EcoSmartFilter allows to prevent it cause ads are not even being downloaded to your computer.
How it works
Website / App
You requested data from websites and apps as usual via your Chrome browser.
Secure Connection
ESF Server
All traffic goes via secured connection to EcoSmart Filter Server.
Our server uses solar power.
Traffic Filtering
All threads with ad scpirts automatically remove on the server.
EcoSmart Filter only removes ads and do not modify any other content.
Less Traffic
Your Computer
Your Chrome browser will securely request and download all data from sites except third-party ad scripts.
Less power to render pages
Request to Website / App
This feature allows the browser to lower CPU and memory consumption for rendering web pages and also reduce broadband usage.
Add EcoSmart Filter to make the world a bit better!
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