EcoSmart Filter is completely free and supports all browsers with one installation

Faster browsing with no ads and lower power usage

Your web experience has never been this smart and efficient. Most sites will work considerably faster when ads are not even loaded.

  • Ads

  • Annoying Tracking

  • Overhead

  • Faster browsing

  • CPU & memory-efficient

  • Lightweight

  • One setup for all browsers

    Сhrome, Safari, IE, Firefox, Edge, Opera and etc.

Also available extension for Chrome

Privacy Is Paramount

EcoSmart Filter requires no personal information to run and doesn't monitor your browsing.

No "Acceptable" Ads

All types of ads can be blocked – there are no "acceptable" ads. You can still whitelist ads for sites you like.

No YouTube Video Ads

EcoSmart Filter removes YouTube video ads before you even see them. Just press Play.

Support All Browsers

EcoSmart Filter supports all available browsers with just one installation.

Save On Bills

Reducing power usage is a great chance to spend less money on your electricity bills.

No Spoiled Layouts

EcoSmart Filter does not spoil the layout of a website – it keeps the same look and feel.